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At MyRentDoor, we're committed to helping you thrive.  From saving on essentials like cable and internet to assisting with financial planning and goal setting, we've got your back.  We believe in supporting good renters because they are good people first.

Our mission is simple:

We help good people win!

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable place to call home where they can live their best life. We want to be part of that! We believe your home is your haven.  We want you to be comfortable so you can go out into the world and live your best life.

The properties we manage don't stay vacant for long.  They go quickly! 

Be the first to see them by signing up for an email as soon as a new property goes on the market.


No Monthly Admin Fee

No Fee to Pay your Rent (if paid via ACH through the portal)

No Monthly Pet Rent

No Lease Addendum Fees

No Non-Refundable Pet Fee

No Non-Refundable Cleaning Fee

No "Resident Benefit" Fee

No Mandatory Air Filter Delivery Fee

No Rent Reporting Fee (We Cover that for You)

No Maintenance Callout Fee

No Utility Set-up Fee

No Inspection Fee

No Showing Fee

No Move-Out Fee

No "Technology" Fee

No HOA Fee

All of our security and pet deposits are fully refundable. Our goal is to help you receive

your full deposits back. It reduces the costs the landlord has to pay to get the property back on the market, so it is in our benefit to refund those deposits in full if we can.

And remember:  A deposit isn't a deposit if it is

non-refundable.  A non-refundable deposit is a fee.

Our Standard Move-In Costs

One Month's Rent for Security Deposit

$300 Pet Deposit (This is a deposit, not a fee)

+ Rental Tax

That's it.

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